Add Herbal Tea Into Your Routine

Add Herbal Tea Into Your Routine

Find new flavors at Determined Nutrition in Farmington, ME

Everyone has those days: you walk into the gym for a workout, and your body isn't cooperating like it should. Maybe you didn't sleep well last night, or maybe you just need a little boost. Stay energized with tea from Determined Nutrition in Farmington, ME.

Our teas are loaded with B vitamins and C vitamins. You'll get to enjoy a tasty caffeinated beverage without having to worry about the calories. Our teas will also help your body convert food into energy to keep you feeling awake. We have options with ingredients like guarana, L-taurine and ginseng.

Give your body a boost before your next workout by trying one of our energizing teas. Visit us today to shop for yours.

Choose your favorite tea flavors

Whether you need a boost of caffeine or want something flavorful to mix things up, we have something to satisfy your craving. Take a look at our herbal tea options:

Energizing Tea
Chai | Cinnamon | Lemon | Raspberry | Peach | Pomegranate

Boosted or Lit Tea
Gummy Bear | Sour Patch | Strawberry Lemonade | Cool Cuke | Very Berry Jam | Cherry on Top | Citrus Punch | Jolly Rancher | Skittles | SweetTart | Warhead | Pomegranate Punch | Blue Hawaiian | Watermelon Crawl | Grape Crush | Sweet Georgia Peach | Green Apple Watermelon | Darlene Special

School Spirit
The Cougar | The Beaver | Mt. Blue | The Brook | Blue Mallet | Blue Cascade | The Vision | Bookworm

For more details about our teas, contact us today. You can reach us by calling 207-578-8583