Increase Your Daily Protein Intake

Increase Your Daily Protein Intake

You'll love the taste of the protein shakes at our shop in Farmington, ME

The process of building muscle is a cycle of breaking down the tissue and rebuilding it with healthy protein. If you're not getting enough protein in your diet, you won't be able to bulk the way that you want to. Add protein shakes from Determined Nutrition into your daily meal plan. With more than 24g of protein per serving, our healthy shakes are a great post-workout snack.

Not getting enough protein to hit your goals? We can fix that. Pick up one of our protein shakes in Farmington, ME today.

With over 50+ flavor options, our complete meal replacement shakes contain:

● 24 grams of heart-healthy, plant-based protein
● 21 essential vitamins and nutrients
● 7-9 grams of sugar
● 13-18 net carbs
● 200-300 calories

Take a look at all your options

Food is designed to fuel your body, but it should also be enjoyable. We have a wide variety of healthy shakes and treats available, including...

Classic Protein Shakes
Vanilla (GF) | Chocolate | Banana Caramel (GF) | Wild Berry (GF) | Orange Cream (GF) | Cookies and Cream

Ice Cream
Cookie Dough | Mint Oreo | Strawberry Orange Banana | Shamrock | Banana Split

Baked Goods
Apple pies (GF) | Blueberry muffins (GF) | Oatmeal | Birthday cakes | No-bake cookies | Blueberry-lemon cakes | Lemon pound cakes (GF) | Blondies (GF) | Cider donuts | Brownie batter | Salted caramels | Peanut butter cookies (GF) | Strawberry cheesecakes

Coffee Drinks
Mocha lattes | Café lattes (GF) | Caramel macchiatos | Caramel mocha lattes | Peppermint mocha

Butterfinger | Snickers | Thin Mints | Captain Crunch | Starburst (GF) | Peanut Butter Cup (GF) | Cinnamon Toast Crunch | Chocolate-covered cherries

You'll love to indulge in these healthy treats. Come to Determined Nutrition today to get your sweet snack.

Please note: Items marked GF are considered gluten-free.