Find Protein Bars You Love to Eat

Find Protein Bars You Love to Eat

Get yours from our shop in Farmington, ME

If you're trying to build muscle, you know how hard it is to keep your macros in check. Hitting your protein goal can feel impossible some days, but picking up a protein bar from Determined Nutrition can help. Our community club in Farmington, ME has a wide range of flavors, so you always have new options to choose from.

A busy schedule shouldn't prevent you from hitting your goals. Pick up your protein-packed meal replacement bars at our community club today.

3 reasons to keep protein bars on hand

If there's one staple item in your pantry, it should be a protein bar from Determined Nutrition. Our bars are great for...

Increasing your protein intake. With 24g of protein, our bars are the perfect way to hit your daily macros.
Grabbing a quick meal on-the-go. Meal replacement bars are ideal for individuals with busy schedules.
Eating a healthy snack between meals. If you need a quick snack, reach for one of our healthy bars.

Protein bars are versatile, making them the perfect healthy food option to keep on hand. Shop for yours today when you visit our community club in Farmington, ME.