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There are so many healthy food options out there, but which ones are going to help you get in better shape? Determined Nutrition is here to help you find the right snacks and shakes for your diet plan. We've been working in the industry for nearly five years, and we want to give you unstoppable momentum to tackle the tasks in front of you. With a wide range of nutritional shakes, energizing teas, and protein bars, you'll have everything you need to supplement a well-rounded diet.

Your goals are within reach. At Determined Nutrition, we want to make health and fitness enjoyable and attainable. Visit our community club in Farmington, ME today to shop for your nutritional snacks and shakes.

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A healthy lifestyle starts in the kitchen. It can be difficult to find food that's healthy and delicious. If you don't enjoy what you're eating, you might have trouble staying on a nutritious diet. Finding the right healthy food options is key, and Determined Nutrition is the place to start. We want to help you...

Energize your workouts. We have six different energy tea flavors available, from chai to raspberry.
Fill in the gaps in your diet. Our nutritional shakes are designed to help complement your food intake.

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